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About Irish Music Lessons Online

Our Aim For Learning Irish Music Online

At Jigs & Reels our aim is to promote Traditional Irish Music across the world by giving global access to Irish music lessons online. By including a variety of Irish instruments and various methods of teaching we are providing an easy, exciting learning experience to learning Irish music online available to everyone.

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Irish Music is an international language that anyone can learn, so regardless of gender, age or nationality it is a viable option for all. Everybody can learn to play an Irish instrument if they give it a go. With a small amount of determination, belief and practice you could achieve the goal you set yourself and could be playing at an Irish music session or Irish ceili in the not too distant future!

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We believe many more people would learn Irish music online if there were easier ways of learning available. Some people may be embarrassed to learn in front of others, some will think they are too old, others will feel they do not have the time to commit to regular weekly Irish music lessons or may feel it could be too expensive. At Jigs & Reels you can have a go without spending a fortune. There is no fixed subscription time limit so you can try it and see how quickly you progress.

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Our aim initially is to target beginners and those who may have a basic understanding of music. Our tutorials and audio’s show the fundamental elements needed to start learning Traditional Irish Music. Although we promote the learning 'play by ear' of Irish Music we also offer the tunes in the ABC format and manuscript, so you have all the resources at your fingertips. We will be, however, catering for all abilities, so for the more advanced musician we will have a very extensive library of tunes and recordings available, with bonus material on style, tips, ornamentation, instrument advice, coming very soon.

Regional Music Workshops

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We are fully aware that at times it is necessary to demonstrate your progress, or to check how you are doing or to talk to other learners in an informal environment, or to get one on one tuition on your chosen instrument. To support all members, Jigs & Reels will hold regular regional music workshops. Various dates will be organised in different areas and our excellent tutors will be available to advise on a wide variety of Irish instruments, listen to your progress and answer any questions you may have. Full details of upcoming dates and venues are available in the Members' Area.

Guest Musicians

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As a special treat for all members, we will have a bi-monthly guest tutorial where one of our exceptional guest musicians will offer demonstrations, tips, suggestions, tunes and style advice for everyone to access. Watch this space!

Always wanted to learn a musical Instrument?

Choose the Irish instrument you would like to play, then visualise yourself playing it.

Maybe you are choosing to learn Irish music online purely for your own enjoyment, or to fulfil a lifelong ambition. Perhaps you've been bitten by the Irish music bug and would like to learn so you can join in at your local session!

We provide a step-by-step guide to help you progress from novice to expert. We will provide the necessary support to help you achieve your goal. All you need to do is commit some time and effort.

We are always available for you to advise us on how well you are progressing.

Your thoughts and feedback are welcome and we endeavour to make this a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all involved.

We want you to succeed.


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