Free Fiddle lesson online | How to play Dawning of the Day
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Learning Irish Traditional Music Online

Free Fiddle Lesson

Free Fiddle lesson: Learn Irish music online
Please use the manuscript, notes or finger positions on the above image, or click to download the Regular Manuscript and ABC notes as a PDF.

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Your Free Video Tutorial:

Tutorial showing the first tune breakdown, Dawning of The Day.

This page gives and insight to the member's area of Jigs & Reels and how to play the fiddle.

The video tutorial is on the breakdown of the first tune. More in depth tutorials like holding the fiddle bow and holding the fiddle, are in the member's area when you join. Look at how to tune a fiddle video below.

We have a fiddle finger position guide which can be printed and used to mark your fiddle. This will greatly help with fiddle finger placement for the basic notes.

The image on the left shows the manuscript notes with the ABC notation and the fiddle finger placement below.

  • The Blue letters/notes show to play the A string
  • The Green letters/notes show to play the D string
  • The number indicates what finger to use on each string.

The regular ABC notation can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the notation image.

Below the notes is the Irish Music Player. Select the different speeds of audio and try to play along while following the notes. Initially we advise that you download this audio first and listen to it a few times before trying to play it so you become more familiar with the melody. See the How it works Video

There are more written and video tutorials in the member's area when you join.

Tuning The Fiddle Using An Electronic Tuner

What You get with Jigs and Reels?

  • Learn Irish music online using a dedicated learning programme

  • Access to the website 24/7

  • Audio in MP3 and in different speeds for the first lessons

  • Bonus manuscript notation available with every tune

  • Be part of an exciting online learning programme, following a structured format

  • Learn a musical instrument in your own environment using a proven method

No Need To Read Sheet Music!


On Jigs and Reels there is no need to be able to read music as we will advise you how to learn 'by ear' and teach you the very simple ABC method of learning.

See How it all works

Learn all Instruments for the same price

You can learn Irish tin whistle, Irish fiddle & button accordion for the same monthly price. When Flute & Banjo are added you could learn them too!
† 4 Weekly * Depending on exchange rates.

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