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Our Refund & Cancellation Policy


The following Refund Policy applies to all Jigs & Reels Subscription levels.


Cancellation Policy


Jigs & Reels Subscriptions


If you are a paying member of the Jigs & Reels Website that is auto-renewing, and would like to cancel your subscription, please email Your membership will be deactivated as soon as possible after receiving notification. Please see our Refund Policy below.


Refund Policy


Jigs & Reels is a Subscription Membership Website and when you become a member you have instant access to our learning programme. This access allows you to download and keep the lessons that we provide.


Monthly Renewing Memberships


Monthly Renewing Subscriptions are non-refundable. You may cancel your monthly membership at any time during the month. Should you decide to cancel your membership your subscription to Jigs & Reels will expire 28 days from the last payment. Any amounts paid prior to your cancellation will not be refunded. You can cancel by contacting us in writing along with your name, address and Worldpay customer number. You can also log on to Worldpay using your login details that were sent with your initial confirmation email when you joined. When logged into Worldpay you can also update your payment details.


Annual Renewing Memberships


Refunds may be possible if you decide to cancel within 28 days of joining Jigs & Reels. You will however be liable for the first month subscription at the full price (as you will have access to the first month's lesson as soon as you become a member). Annual Renewing Membership may not be cancelled after 28 days of initial registration or after 28 days of a renewal and Jigs & Reels will not provide a refund under these circumstances.


If we decide to change our refund policy, we will post those changes on this page. You are encouraged to review this information periodically.


Please be reminded that for billing and membership terms, a 'Month' means 4 weeks.


Learn all Instruments for the same price

You can learn Irish tin whistle, Irish fiddle & button accordion for the same monthly price. When Flute & Banjo are added you could learn them too!
† 4 Weekly * Depending on exchange rates.

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