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Learning Irish Traditional Music Online
Our new beginners membership will be active in the coming weeks so please leave us an email and we can update you when we are live. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. "How long do I have when I join?"
  • A. There are NO contracts to tie you in when you join. You only pay one fee for the 6month period. This is from the day your memberships is activated.
  • Q. "How do I know the lesson are musically and traditionally correct? "
  • A. Each lesson or tune in our library is checked and verified by our very experienced Irish traditional musicians. The tunes might have slight differences to other peoples interpretation but our method ensure that they are a as close to the original notes as possible.
  • Q. "How can I access another instrument if I decide to learn more than one?"
  • A. In the members' area you will have access to all the pages for the instruments available. At present you can learn Tin whistle, Button Accordion and Fiddle.
  • Q. "Can I download lessons and print the music notes and keep?"
  • A. Yes we encourage you to print and save the lesson notation and keep them in a folder.
  • Q. "Can I hand out copies of the notes to my friends?"
  • A. No. As there is a lot of work involved in making each lesson we don’t condone the copying of our material. We have kept the cost of membership to a minimum so more people can benefit from learning Irish music online.
  • Q. "How do I put the audio of a tune onto my Mp3 Player?"
  • A. On the lessons page there are guidelines of how to download both the notes and audio. You can add the mp3 audio to iTunes or any other music player on your computer and then add it to your mp3 player when it is connected.
  • Q. "What instruments can I learn as part of my membership?"
  • A. You can learn one or all of the available instruments on our website for the same membership cost. Currently available are tin whistle, button accordion & Fiddle. Even if more instruments like flute and banjo are added, there will be no extra cost.
  • Q. "At what point can I cancel my membership?"
  • A. Your membership will automatically cancel after 6months from your sign up date.



"Only been a member for a few weeks and can play 5 tunes already. Thanks for your support."


-Mike, Manhattan Island, USA


"Very easy to understand tutorials and the printable notes are a godsend. I have quite a collection of lessons under my belt."


-Martina, Tipperary


"I love this web site. I am totally new to learning to play Irish music and find this website very easy to understand. Thank you."


-James, Nottingham


"I look forward to every new tune on this site. I love the way that you are encouraged to learn new tunes each month and that you can download the music and notes. I listen to the tunes on my IPod."


- Lucy, Birmingham


"I used to play a little Irish music a few years ago and this website has made it so easy to pick it up again.

Thank you so much."


-Martin, Derby


"To have access to more than one instrument without paying anymore is fantastic. The written tutorials are easy to understand and I am progressing very nicely."


-Alan, Motherwell


"This website has taught me to be more disciplined when learning music. I got into quite a few bad habits by trying to teach myself and missed vital points that made my playing lack the spark needed in Irish music. I am going back to basics with the help of Jigs & Reels and am now playing better than ever."


-Aoife, Dublin


Learn all Instruments for the same price

You can learn Irish tin whistle, Irish fiddle & button accordion for the same monthly price. When Flute & Banjo are added you could learn them too!
† 4 Weekly * Depending on exchange rates.

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