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Learn Irish Music Online As Quick & Easy as ABC

Bringing Irish Music to Schools

We believe more school children would learn music if it was easier and more accessible like the Jigs & Reels website. Many school children are put off the idea of taking up music because they assume it takes a long time, they have to learn to read sheet music and may have to attend expensive music classes. In some cases there may be no classes available geographically and some people just like to learn on their own. Here at Jigs & Reels we are not only promoting Irish music but encouraging more children to learn music in general. We have made it more appealing and easier to learn by using the simple ABC notation and audio method by using our great Irish music online resources. The bonus is, there is no need to read manuscript or sheet music. Pupils could even be playing their first tune within an hour or two.

Image of ABC notes

Our simple method of learning irish music in fact encourages the pupil to listen to the audio in the instrument they are learning and then refer to the simple ABC notes. At present our website offers the tin whistle, fiddle and button accordion. Members can learn any instrument they choose or all of them if they wish, including the flute and banjo, which will be added to the website in the comimg months.

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For those pupils who do want to learn to read sheet music, there is a whole tutorial section on the website and every tune comes with the manuscript music as well as the ABC notation.

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The great way our website works is that the user can learn at their own pace and in their own environment. Regular monthly lessons however, encourage the user to learn the lessons within the month so they can be ready for the next set of lessons. For clarity we call each tune a lesson

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Benefits to Your School

  • Excellent way of offering extra music lessons without the need for any additional staff.
  • Continuing the promotion of Irish Traditional Culture and Heritage.
  • Give students another avenue to express their creative skills.
  • Set monthly license for only €79 per school. No other cost involved (Recieve 4 months free when paid yearly in advance. Futher discount of up to 50% available for smaller schools).
  • Schools can offer the website to their students for free or they could charge a nominal fee per student who joins, thus keeping any revenue.
  • No adverts on the website for paying members/schools.
  • Jigs & Reels website accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Even in school holidays!
  • School visits by our experienced musicians to help with tips and techniques (ask for more details).

Members Area Photos

Learn Irish Music for Schools
Learn Irish Music for Schools
Learn Irish Music for Schools
Learn Irish Music for Schools

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How The Structured Learning Programme Works:

  • The website is suitable for all ages.
  • The pupil can opt for two, three or five lessons every month depending on their ability to learn (we can alter the number of tunes and we can change the order of tunes if required).
  • When the pupil joins they will instantly have access to the number of lessons they’ve opted for. They’ll also have access to the members’ area 24 hours a day seven days a week where they can view their lessons including instrument tutorials, notation, instrument audio and video tutorials.
  • In month two they will receive another set of lessons and so on (each month is a four-week period).
  • The pupil can also download each tune in PDF format and print them off, allowing them to build up their own library of tunes.
  • The audio for each tune can also be downloaded and added to a generic mp3 music player and then listened to at anytime. Each instrument has its own recoding of the tune i.e. if the pupil is learning the tin whistle they listen to the tin whistle audio. This is the same for the other instruments. Our experienced musicians have recorded all the audio especially for the lessons so we are 100% confident that each tune is musically correct.
  • Alternatively instead of downloading each lesson the user can use the Jigs & Reels website to access the members' area and learn each tune right from their desktop, PC or mobile device as and when they desire.
  • The pupil will always have access to their collection of lessons on the website as long as they are members.

Going Forward - Working Together

Going forward we could also offer regional school visits or regional workshops to make sure students are benefiting from the online tutorials. This will give a chance to correct any mistakes and help with any questions or concerns they may have. (Pleask ask for rmore details on this). Another option we could offer would be the ability for the student to upload their playing skills for an appraisal and constructive encouragement to continue to learn. Other instruments will be added in future including flute, banjo, concertina, bodhrán, piano, and piano accordion.

Another great feature that will enhance the music learning experience for anyone interested in learning Irish music is the addition on the website of monthly guest musicians who are well known in the traditional music scene. The members will have access to some great, advice, tips and techniques from these well known artists. All the above features would be free to all available schools. Please ask for more details.

As the website is owned and run by experienced musicians we can adapt it in certain areas. We are very flexible and open to any other suggestions that maybe helpful in a possible working relationship with your school. (The current social media applications will be replaced with new ones when fully open to the schools).

For more information please feel free to look around the Jigs & Reels website. Alternatively contact us at your earliest convenience on email info@jigsandreels.com, fill out the contact form above or phone either 086 440 1640 or our UK office +44 1159 220322

Learn all Instruments for the same price

You can learn Irish tin whistle, Irish fiddle & button accordion for the same monthly price. When Flute & Banjo are added you could learn them too!
† 4 Weekly * Depending on exchange rates.

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